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dont understand???

I have tried to purchase game twice on steam during sales ,first time got a run round about it supposed to be part of a bundle , when it was clearly advertised as a single purchase for 50 % off . got told to add to wish list and it would be on sale again soon . last week it appeared on my wish list for 40% off again tried to buy and steam wanted full price when added to cart . don't know if anyone else has had this issue ?

thank you  ahead of time , just trying to figure it out (would have like to see the game).......

tried steam support twice now no help at all..

Hello iphonian,

We are very sorry for the confusion around discounting The Wizards. There's a bug on Steam's side that caused misleading discount information despite the fact that the game is not currently on sale. We have reported this bug and it should be fixed now, Steam should now show proper, full price of the game.

We really appreciate the fact that you wanted to buy the game twice and we are sorry that the misleading information got you disappointed. We would like to offer you a free Steam key for The Wizards to make it up to you. I can't send you pm on our forum, so please send me an email: pawelgajda@carbonstudio.pl and I will response with a Steam key.

All the best,

Paweł Gajda

posted an issue and support responded fast and took care of it !!!

very cool

I'm looking forward to being a happy wizard !