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Drifting with free movement mode

Hello, I'm using Vive Pro, and I tried to use the free movement locomotion mode, but I was floating all over the map. I had to change it back to just teleportation. I've played other games with free motion and didn't have this issue. Has anyone else run into this?

Hello Evnous, thank you for playing The Wizards and sorry for these issues.

Was there one particular direction in which you've been floating? Are you playing The Wizards on Steam?





Hello Pawel,

There wasn't one specific direction. I would drift in a random direction for a few seconds before drifting in another random direction. There didn't seem to be any repeatable pattern or more common direction as far as I could tell. It seems to be less severe when I stand absolutely still, so maybe it's just an over-sensitivity issue?

I am playing The Wizards on Steam.

I'll also mention that I did have the "sound problem" before I applied the fix (from this topic: https://thewizardsgame.com/en/forum/topic/no-audio/). I'm not sure if that's relevant, but I figured I should mention it.

Pawel, I figured out the direction. I'm always floating in the direction of my left arm (I selected right-handed when I started the game). The left trackpad is how I'm intending to move, and that works also. But any motion from my left arm in a particular direction sends me running in that direction.

Is there anyway to disable that while still using the left trackpad to move?