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Game crashes computer before I can start campaign

I just bought this game and it looks really fun, but every time I've tried to start the game it fails right after I select new campaign and literally powers my computer off.

Specs: Windows 10, Intel Core i7-3770K, AMD Vega 56, 12GB RAM

Hello Ben,

Paweł from Carbon Studio here. We wanted to contact you before, but it is not possible to comment under your review. I also contacted you on FB before realizing that you had started this thread on our forum.

We are really sorry that you are experiencing this issue and we are determined to find the solution asap. What headset do you use?

We would appreciate if you could send us your saves folder. We could then analyze log files to figure out what causes the problems. To locate the saves folder, please paste "%localappdata%\Wizards\Saved" in the address filed of Windows explorer window. You may then pack and upload the file here or send it via email: pawelgajda@carbonstudio.pl

Ben, we appreciate your patience and hope that you with your help we will find the solution in no time.

Paweł Gajda

Here's the local app data contents. I use Oculus headset, and the error is common to both the Steam and Oculus Store versions of the game. I can enter arena mode fine, but starting a new campaign consistently crashes.

EDIT: ...Actually it won't let me upload zip files, so I sent to the email address you linked.

Many thanks for sending the saves Ben! I will forward the details you provided and save files to our tech team on Monday.

This issue is so weird! My first idea was to provide you with a Steam key if play on the Oculus Store, or with an Oculus Store key if you play on Steam. I would not expect this issue to occur on both stores. Also the fact that the arena mode works fine... It's very weird!

I will let you know as soon as our team takes a look at the saves.

Have a great weekend,


The same issue persists when trying to open the saved new game file that you sent.

Thank you for testing it for us. Frankly speaking, we have no idea what may be causing this problem. It's the first time anyone reported such issue.

I would like to ask you to refund the game on both Steam and Oculus Store. I will send you Steam and Oculus Store keys, so you will be able to activate and play the game, but will not have to pay for it.


Meanwhile we will keep working on the solution and let you know as soon as we figure something out.

Once again, really sorry for the inconvenience!


Hello Ben,

Today we have came out with an idea that might solve the problem. We are going to prepare a version of the game that will not include NVIDIA VR Works. Maybe this plugin was causing the problems. We will upload this build on the beta channel on Steam, so you will be able to download and test it directly through Steam. I will let you know when it's ready.

Have a good day,