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Game doesn't load save files

So twice now I've gotten a couple levels into the game, and greatly enjoyed it. The only problem is that when I start it again, all three profiles are labeled as empty. I found the save file in the directory it was supposed to be in, and the "last modified" date says that the game wrote to it when I quit last time, but it just isn't detecting it when I try to start it. Any help?


Also, if it's relevant, this is the Viveport version of the game.

Hello there,

We are really sorry for the issues you encountered.

The problem seems to be connected to the naming of save files.

Our suggestion would be to back up the save files that you have found (the one with proper dating) and then start the game from a new empty profile, finish the tutorial and the first level.

Afterwards, go to the save location file and look for the newly created files. Now replace the new files with the old ones that you have backed up, but change names of the old files to match the new ones.

This way you should be able to get access to the old save files.

Did you change your Viveport user/display name recently? This might cause these problems.

Please let us know if that worked.

Good luck!