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Having a heck of a time throwing fireballs accurately.

Normally I wouldn't complain but having played Mage's tale and the unspoken both with fireball throwing as part of the arsenal I know my aim cannot be that far off. I find it almost impossible to hit what I am aiming at in the Wizards. I tried putting the accuracy helper to the max with no noticeable improvement. Has anyone else had this trouble? Is there a trick to throwing them in terms of the release or something. I don't know but would love some help on this as I've never gotten past the tutorial as a result of this disastrous aiming problem. Any help you can offer would be most welcome. Is anyone in development looking into this issue?

Hello DWinston,

I'm Paweł from Carbon Studio. We're really sorry for the issues you experienced. This is definitely not the way fireball throwing should work. I hope that we'll figure out the source of these problems soon.

To begin with, could you please let me know what is your GPU, CPU and what headset do you use? Do you experience any performance issues? Gesture recognition is directly tied to the framerate, so if the FPS drops, it may become inconsistent.

Also, did you try throwing the fireballs just the way you would throw a stone in real life? Another tip: please make sure your release the trigger button before your hand changes direction, while it's still moving the way you want to throw. If you release it too late, the fireball may have a weird trajectory. Nevertheless, I suspect some technical issues rather than your technic as a source of the problems.

And to answer your last question: Before your post, we have not been looking into fireball throwing issues, as you're the first to report it in a long time. Still, we're determined to sort your problems asap!

Thank you for your patience,

Paweł Gajda | Carbon Studio