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Help I can’t summon the bow

im playing on windows mixed reality and I’m in the tutorial. I just got to the part where it shows you how to summon the bow, and I can’t. I’ve looked at at least 15 clips of people summoning the bow and I just can’t do it. I’ve tried everything in the book (not the actual spell book I don’t have it yet) and nothing’s working. Every other spell so far works except this one. Could it be that my arms are to short? Also I got the game off of Steam.

Hello there,

Thank you for playing The Wizards. We're sorry for the problems with casting the bow. We'll do our best to find the solution.

Did you get the game off of Steam, but play it on Steam, or do you use Oculus Store or Viveport? If you play it through Steam, please consider opting-in for the WMR Beta that should make the game more compatible with your headset.

If you play outside of Steam, we can send you a Steam key so you can test the beta.


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