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Is it just me?

I found that there is no good way to aim the fire spell. Sometimes it hits, other times it flys off anywhere but the target.  Very frustrating. Also, the part where you try to stop the Orc's from entering the town, wow. Stuck in one place, no way to dodge fireballs thrown from the bears, while cast another spell with the shield up. Yes, you can throw fireballs, but not enough to stop them, the only thing that works is lighting, and while that is going on, you can't raise the shield???

You need to be able to move off that platform to be able to dodge those fireballs, if you have any chance at all. I've tried everything I can think of, but cannot advance. Any suggestions?

Are you maybe playing it with the cards?  That makes it alot harder.

I guess i have also problems aiming with the fireball so i dont use it very often.

I didnt have too much problem with the level. Try to kill the shooting Orc's as soon as you can. You can kill the Orc's shooting at you left side with thunder.

OK, you were right, somehow I started this with the cards, so I started a new game without cards and it is much better. Another question, I got as far as to the second rune in the mines, but noticed that there seems to be no way back to the rune pedestal where you place the runes you found? Everything is blocked off, I cannot go thru the walls that look black and red, like lava, and at the place where the second rune was found, the background is black with a few objects (a wall that lowers, some kind of missle launcher with ice, and a torch) Is this just because this is early access and they haven't finished yet? I was doing pretty good up to this point, but I've been all over that area and cant get back?

I didnt have a probelem on my way back even thougth it is early access. (did u try to restart the lvl? If you do and it works report the bug you had. I guess that would help them to fix it).

I would look now but i got to update and my internet is crazy slow 😛

But i will look into it tomorrow!


I restarted the level and then it worked OK. I did report the bug in the bug thread. Is there anything else after the portal battle? Or is that it for now? Seems to be all for now.

Yes, that's all for now. Please check out this thread to learn more about what's coming next: https://thewizardsgame.com/en/forum/?view=thread&id=12&part=1#postid-27


When its coming?