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My thoughts to this game

Hello dear Wizards,

First of all this game is amazing! Migth even be the best game i have played so far.
Also the mechanic to cast the spells is awesome.


1. I have a hard time aiming with the small fire ball. It might also be that im just bad at throwing.
The ball seem to aim a little bit, but sometimes i thorw it so far away that no aiming can save me. Also i dont think adding more aim, but bether shooting controll.  (again could also be me).

2. I love the ice bow.
The aiming is nice, the upgrades are nice and it feels rewarding if you hit.

3. The shild works great.

The first upgrade can help alot (mostly in the second and third world)
The second upgrade seem useless.

4. The thunder feels nice and the upgrades are fine.

I guess shooting a thunder with each of your arm separately wont work since you cant interrupt it that way ? (like shooting with one hand to the left and one to the right). Still i think the spell is just fine.


5. I dont often use the great fire ball and i think he is a bit hard to aim at distace, but you feel the difference in damage which is rewarding.

6. The diamond spell is my favorite spell since i love the mechanic of the spell.
He rewards with alot of damage if you have time to cast it.


7. The locomotion is awesome. The only thing i would change is the speed to turn. (i think i have the fastest settings)

8. So far i just encountered two bugs, which doesnt seem alot for a early access game.

One was in the first world (not in the turorial or the magic room) when you teleport down where you fight the first Orc's, trigger the event and immediatly teleport up agine you are locked there and cant do anything but restart.

The other one was in the 8th world where i tryed to teleport on a pillar but i somehow drifted down and fell to the floor of the level. You can walk there but you cant teleport back up. So you have to restart.

Mabye create a button/or menu point which teleports you to a playable place? (There were not alot of bugs so i dont know if it is worth the effort)

9. The 3 wave shooter Level (fsecond third and fourth world) are not as fun as the worlds where you can move freely.

Moving freele gives the whole game another touch.


10. If ur too close to an object it you cant do a spell? This is confusing if you dont know the fact.


11. If ur at the magic room you cant see if ur missing any crystals in any world
(I wonder are there some worlds with no crystals or not 3 now  ?)

World 1.2 1.3 1.4 it say you have 0 crystals of 3 wich makes no sense since you cant get any in this world?




Will there be more levels soon?

How many people are working on this game?




You have done a great job creating this game!


PS Sorry for my bad english,
also i dont mean any harm with anything i wrote there i just try to give as much feedback as i can.

Hello mundelbert,

Many thanks for an amazing post! We're really happy to hear that you enjoy The Wizards. You gave us a lot of great ideas that we hope to implement in the game.

Let me refer to some of your thoughts:

1. Accurate shooting with a small fireball depends highly on the technique you use. It can also be a bug on our side and in such case would really like to fix it. So, before marking it as bug that we should investigate, can you tell us more about the way you throw fireballs in The Wizards? Do you throw it from above your arm just the way you'd throw a stone in real life? Or do you use some other way? The more similar to throwing stuff in real life you get, the better it should work. Let us know.

4. We plan to introduce one-handed lightning as an upgrade during Early Access.

8. Thanks for reporting these bugs! We'll investigate it.

9. These levels are the oldest in the game. Initially we're planning to make whole game this way, but we gradually moved towards more open, exploration based gameplay. We decided to leave this levels in the game, but we probably won't be able to fully redesign them. One thing we'll add soon will be a possibility to move around the platform with free movement/teleportation. It's not a lot but at least it will be possible to dodge missiles this way.

11. Great suggestion - we'll change it.

We are working on new content for the game. For more details please visit this thread: bit.do/TheWizardsVR

We're a 15 people team from Poland 🙂 Many thanks for posting this!

I'd like to piggy back off of this post, because I think this person gave some good feedback.

To the devs - thank you for making an awesome game. This is everything I could have wanted in a wizarding game. The graphics are beautiful. Navigation is super easy, and the spells feel comfortable to cast with practice. Makes you feel like a truly powerful wizard! Campaigns are short and sweet, which is good when dying means starting the campaign over. This keeps it challenging, but not frustrating.

I also have a really difficult time with aiming the fireball about 40% of the time. Seems like the speed with which I move my arm does not affect how fast or far the fireball goes in game. This can be a bit frustrating and immersion-breaking. I make the fireball throwing motion just like I would throw a baseball (over the right shoulder, following through normally).

The main complaint that I have is that occasionally the correct motions do not trigger spells, and it takes a few tries before I can summon a fireball or shield. I've only found this to happen when the narrator is talking; not sure why that is. But it has caused me to get hit by enemies when I try to summon the shield but it takes five or six tries before it triggers. 

It would be nice to have a very clear health bar in the UI (perhaps there is one, and I just haven't seen it? I'm still new to the game and its interface). Having a way to clearly track health would change my battle strategy, and help avoid surprise death. 🙂

And a random question: In the distant future, do you hope to have extra localization options for voices? I enjoy playing the game with Chinese audio but English subs, and I appreciate that that option is available. It would be cool to have other language options as well.

I am ridiculously excited for your full release, and I appreciate you all for listening and responding to players' suggestions for improvements. As far as I'm concerned, this is one of the best VR games available today, even before full release.