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Next Update

Just read about the upcoming updates here  https://www.vrfocus.com/2017/10/the-wizards-update-introduces-new-gameplay-modes/


Will there be a PvP mode? Would love this.

Hey there,

The upcoming update won't introduce the PvP mode. Adding multiplayer to the game is a really complicated process. We are considering adding it in the future in a from of a DLC though.


Thanks for the reply!

Well I have The Mages Tale which I'm sure you've heard about and looked at. The problem I have with The Mages Tale is when you have played through it once or twice, it's done. Nothing else to do in it, what a waste of all that work. There are no updates planned for it, I asked on the forums and one of the developers replied, so that's it. Finished.

I was hoping that would not be the case with The Wizards, that you will add stuff that will keep me and my mates coming back. It needs a social and competitive side for this to happen.

Living in hope.... Devlin


We totally understand your concern and we have a very strong determination to make The Wizards game with replayability value, one you'd come back to in the future. Currently, we have three ideas for how to make it happen: arena mode, scoreboards and Fate Cards. I agree that co-op of PvP in The Wizards would be a great thing that could make players came back to our game again and again. There are many factor that will influence our final decision whether to develop multiplayer mode for The Wizards. Stay assured that it's our dream to do it and will do our best to make it happen.