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No audio


When using steam vr If hmd is off then I need to select the compositor to see anything but if I do the audio doesn't work If I turn hmd on then select the game then I can't see anything because the eyes are to far apart (basically 90 degrees) I am using htv vive

Hello Mathew, we're really sorry to hear about the problem you reported and we're willing to address this issue asap. I think we may need a little more details to identify the problem. Could you please explain to us what exactly do you mean by "compositor"? And when you  say "turn hmd on then select the game " do you mean running the game from within SteamVR with your headset on?

The compositor is a vital part of steam vr, it is how it communicates with the headset, Hmd is a setting you have in your own game, then select meaning I go to my computer and instead of selecting the compositor like normal I click on the game.

I'm running into the same thing, where I have no in-game audio.

I can hear system audio in Steam VR and Viveport, but as soon as I launch the Wizards, I hear nothing.

I have set the Vive headset audio as the default, checked for driver updates, etc., but I can find nothing out of place.

I run Fallout 4 VR, as well as many other apps and games in VR, with no issues.  It's just this game that I cannot get to run correctly.

Really sorry for the inconvenience!

It seems that the audio problem can be caused by different reasons on different PCs.
Could I ask you to do two things?

1. Could you please try turning off "HTC Vive-C" audio device and check if the audio in The Wizards works? Here is a tutorial how to turn audio devices off and back on:


Thank you!


I turned off the Vive device, but still no sound.
I have no idea what the survey is asking.  The names at the top (Fluffy Bunny?) mean nothing to me, so I don't know how to answer.
I launch The Wizards through Viveport as a subscription game.

Same here - no sound.

I'm playing on a Vive, through viveport and all other games in steam and viveport have sound - but none in Wizards 🙁

Hello Rocky,

Really sorry for the inconvenience! We are doing our best to fix this issue. Are you sure that window of the game is on top (focused)? Making sure that the game is on top fixes the audio issues for some. And for the rest, we hope to have a solution soon. Please be patient!



Hi I also have a Vive and have just added this game to my Viveport subscription and can confirm there is no audio still. I can hear other sounds through the Steam home but as soon as this game launches there is no audio.

We hope to sort it out soon. Thank you for your patience!