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Spell Suggestions


I've played The Wizards enough to feel comfortable sharing a few suggestions that might help make game-play more enjoyable.

  1.  The frost bow is a great design, but it's practicality in the game is too cumbersome.  I feel there needs to be more arrows permitted to be used or at least more arrows integrated into the spell upgrades.  It takes time to summon this spell and since the arrows don't shoot very far its seems impractical to utilize it in a fast-acting battle.  I do like the frost fog upgrade though it needs a bit more luster in its appearance not to mention a bit more length in duration to make it more feasible in use.
  2. The fireball is great and its upgrades are even better.  I just don't see much use of the the larger/stronger fireball spell.  It's a slow moving spell and seems redundant to the initial fireball spell.  It would be great to see greater diversity between these spells.
  3. I feel like there is a personal disconnect between myself (the wizard profile selected initially in the game) and that within the game-play itself.  It would be great to be able to at least see myself or at least semi-self throughout the game adding to the virtual experience that I am in fact an acting wizard beyond that of the hands I utilize casting spells.  Why not incorporate my wardrobe or at least part of it flying in the breeze at some points in the game?
  4. I think the game lacks the element of discovery.  Free movement will help this somewhat but it would be great to incorporate a random area with varying enemies emerging in a unique environment as a means to practice spells & just have fun.  It would also be great to see greater use of the HUB area.  It feels a little too restrictive with lots of fun objects to summon, but with no purpose.  Why not incorporate an object as a portal to somewhere/something useful?
  5. I'm sure others have mentioned this, but the audio seems to cut out at times depending on movements.
  6. The shield is a great spell and useful when I'm forced.  The first upgrade (repelling spells) is a great idea but the second upgrade doesn't seem to have any appeal at all.
  7. Lastly, the game really could be even better if the enemies themselves where able to do something other than charge/hit or throw an occasional fireball.

Thanks to all the developers & team for listening and making this game even better!



Hey Trav,

Many thanks for your post and sorry that it took me so long to reply! We really appreciate your suggestions and we'll do our best to implement them in the game. Now let me refer to everything you proposed:

  1. We may consider adding more arrows in upgrades to the bow. It seems reasonable. I added it to our to-do list. About frost fog - you're totally right saying it should be more apparent and last longer. We'll change it in one of the upcoming updates.
  2. Bigger fireball, called Pyroblast, hits much more damage and allows for more precise, more distant shots. At least that was our intention. We have a plan to spend some time redesigning and rebalancing whole spell casting system. It may take us some time to add this changes to the game though.
  3. Adding avatar would be amazing, but it's very difficult to do it right. I can't guarantee that we'll manage to add some sort of virtual body to the final game, I can only assure you that we agree with you on potential benefit of it.
  4. I agree that simple addition of free locomotion may not be enough to give players decent feeling of exploration. Designing upcoming stages, we try to add some elements similar to what you mentioned. Also, with free locomotion we'll introduce few kinds of collectable objects that players will find in crates, barrels, bush etc.  We also have some ideas or making HUB more interesting and interactive place. We don't want to spoil the surprise here.
  5. Can you please elaborate your problems with audio? Believe it or not, you're first person to report it.
  6. We'll figure out how to make second upgrade more appealing. Maybe replace it with something totally different. Thanks for pointing that out.
  7. We're working on it. Or, to be more precise, we have planned many changes and additions for enemies AI and we'll start working on it after we're done with free locomotion update (which is scheduled for less than two weeks).

Trav, once again many thanks for your amazing post and time you spent with The Wizards. We're grateful for every player who decided to trust us and buy the game during Early Access.

Paweł Gajda