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Stuck destroying large crystal

Hi there, I'm in the very first stage, and haven't gotten to the town yet.  I have to destroy a large crystal in the center of an open ruins area.  But the crystal is shielded.  So I see there's a place where there's one of those gold floating runes in the air, and I'm pretty sure you have to teleport there to get to higher ground and gain access to destroy the crystal from above.  But no matter where I try to stand, I can't seem to teleport up there!!  I see the teleport swirl, but just don't get teleported up.  Then the orcs start coming and it's difficult to keep trying to get up there.

So how the heck do I get up on that platform?  What am I missing?



Hello Sandra,

Many thanks for buying The Wizards!

Let me answer the questions in a reverse order:

2. In order to turn around you have to push your right  joystick right or left. This is called snap-turning. If it does not work, please head to game's settings and turn snap-turning on (it should be on by default though).

Alternatively, you can choose direction you will head after you teleport. When you push the right stick forward to teleport, you can rotate it before you release it. You will see a yellow arrow notifying you about the direction you will point after you teleport.

1. You have to destroy the crystal from the ground before you can get higher. The gold flying glyph will disappear and allow you to proceed after you destroy the crystal. Also, the enemies will approach you until the big crystal is destroyed. Big crystal can be approached from many directions. Some sides are protected with destroyable walls, and every side will be temporary blocked after you successfully attack the crystal.

There is no shortcut here I'm afraid. You have to destroy blue shell that hides red core of the crystal. Fireballs are the best for destroying the shell and bow is best for destroying the core. You may consider using Fate Cards that can be chosen near the map in Sanctum to lower the difficulty of the game a little bit. It might help.


Sandra, good luck with beating this level, please let me know if you managed to destroy the crystal!




Paweł Gajda

I think that helps.  I gave up too soon trying to destroy the crystal from the ground I guess.  It seemed it had barriers protecting it from all sides, but now I see that they change.

Also I figured out how to rotate.


Really happy to hear that!


Have fun!