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Welcome thread

Hi! We are Carbon Studio, and you can read all about us here. We make games and applications for VR. We were founded in 2014, and our first game was Alice VR for Oculus, Vive, and OSVR. We learned a lot during its production, and we're now applying that experience to developing The Wizards. We are releasing the game in Early Access so that we can take your feedback and make the game as good as it can get. You can share your thoughts on this forum and on our Discord server.

In this thread, you can introduce yourself and ask questions about how the forum works if anything in Rules and Guidelines was unclear.


My name is Marc, Im from Flensburg, Germany. That is close to the border to Denmark.

I play Pen&Paper RPG since I was 12 years old and started with LARP when I was 18.

Im 39 years old now. My favorite type of character usually has something to do with magic or similar abilities.

Like for example Force User in the Star Wars game.

I learned software developer but mostly I worked in other IT areas. Server administration, support and all sorts of stuff.

I hope to see a lot of future upgrades for the game. So far I love it.

Kind regards




I read the rules

Hello Marc, it's nice to have you here! I'm Ana, and I'm responsible for writing dialogue here in Carbon.

LARP is a really interesting hobby, and I think pen&paper RPGs are becoming more and more popular among younger people again these days. Do you have a group of friends you always play with, or do you reach out to new people for every campaign?

Magic users are fun, I agree! Both to play and to design 🙂

Thank you for your kind words. We hope you enjoy the game after the full release, too!