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Also can't play

I bought in on the oculus store

whenever I try to play it an error comes up and I have to shut the program down

it says it had a LowLevelFatalError and that unity engine 4 crashed

here is a screenshot

Uploaded files:

Hello Thanatos!

Thank you for buying our game and sorry for the problems you encounter.

We have not seen an error like this one before, so we tried to google it. We found a thread started by somebody who had the similar error:

As you can see, in the above case the solution was uninstalling Asus Sonic Suite. Do you have this application installed? Maybe you have some other tools/apps that might conflict with the game? Alternatively you might try updating or reversing the Nvidia drivers.

Let us know if that helps, if not, we will do our best to figure out alternative solutions.

Thank you for your patience!

Paweł Gajda