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FAQ and other information

Dear players,

We would like to thank you for your trust and joining our adventure of creating VR spellcaster that will fulfill childhood dreams of becoming powerful wizards. Below you can find answers to some questions you may have. We’ll expand and update this post during Early Access period.

How can I share my feedback and ideas with you?

There are few ways you can do that:

No matter what way you choose, we’ll do our best to gather and listen to all the feedback you may have and implement new features based on your ideas.


Where can I find help with spells and challenges of the game?

If you need help with casting spells, fighting monsters, or you’d simply like to get to know the game better, check out the official Guide we made.


What will you add during the Early Access?
Here are features we’re already working on and we’ll add in following updates:
  • Arcade Mode - time trials and endless battles on the arenas.
  • Left-handed mode
  • Master Enchantments - powerfull spell upgrades for ultimate wizardry
  • New Fate Cards - we’d like to go beyond changing difficulty
  • New region - details will be revealed soon

Here’s what we’d also like to implement before full release:

  • Ultra graphic settings - for players with most powerful PCs
  • New spells - magic weapon for close-range encounters, totems that draw enemies’ attention and more
  • New and unique enemies, each of them fighting in its own way
  • Content based on your ideas - be it new fate cards, new spells, new upgrades, new enemies etc. Anything that gets a lot of support from the players has chance to end up in the game.
What was already added?
  • Free movement and free teleportation locomotion
  • New interactions (blocking mele with shield etc)
  • Item pick-ups (collected during exploration)
  • Immersive mode - possibility to turn off all UI for full immersion
  • Hourglasses (restore life or reward with points)