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It works so slowly so that it can be unplayable


I bought the game yesterday.
I start by saying that the game is very nice, just a few inaccuracies in the launch of "fireballs".
The impact is fantastic and seems to be a true wizard.
The magic system is very intuitive and works fine.
The tutorial runs smoothly, from training to the game hub room.

The issue already appears in the first level of the single-player game campaign.
On my PC the title is very slow to the point of making it completely unplayable.
An hourglass appears on the screen every 2-3 seconds.
My configuration is as follows: MS Windows 10 64 bit, Intel i7-3370, 16 GB RAM, SSD EVO and NVIDIA GTX 970.
On this configuration I play RoboRecall and Lone Echo perfectly.
Excuse me for my terrible English.
I hope everything is clear

I'm at your disposal.

Hello Colossus, many thanks for your post. Your English is very good you should not worry about it!

I've forwarded your message to our tech team. We investigate the problem and let you know when we come up with the solution. Could you please make a screenshot of your graphic settings menu and send it to us? Also, are you using the newest NVIDIA drivers?

Looking forward,

Paweł Gajda

Hello Paweł,

I'm using the latest Nvidia drivers.
Also I have also set all the graphic settings to LOW.
As soon as I can place a screen for confirmation and even a video, if I can.

In the previous post I still referred to outdoor play sessions.
In the evening I will continue in the levels, if I succeed despite the problems, and I will try to see if the problems also occur in indoor play levels.

I repeat that I am at your disposal for all the tests you will feel necessary.
I like the game very much and I think it has many potentialities.

I forgot to add that I use the Oculus Rift + Touch and that I have purchased the game in early access to the Oculus Store.

Yesterday I did more in-depth tests.
The problem with the video game stutters is not due to the fact that it is playing in outdoors environments.

The problem always occurs after about twenty minutes of play.
Then it becomes unplayable and a hourglass appears to be loaded.
As if the engine of the game was overloaded.
Or as if the engine had not released it from the graphics resources already used.

This is a very useful information! Many thanks for running the tests for us. We'll analyze the problem and likely come back to you for more information.