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Pop out wall in the first level

Hey, was running through the first level and happened to be recording to show a friend when suddenly the second breakable wall, just before the crystal decided to attack me. We both thought it was pretty funny but I also thought I should bring it to your attention. Video Here. You can also find a dxdiag report for me system here. I'm using a Dell Visor Windows Mixed Reality HMD with MR controllers.

Hey there! Many thanks for letting us know about this bug! We had a lot of fun watching the video you uploaded.

I will be totally honest with you - we are aware of this bug and we probably could fix it quite easily. Thing is, we are not sure if we should do that. We have a lot of fun every time this bug occurs. I find it amusing that it's such unexpected thing, I believe it may be a lot of fun for some other players too. On the other hand, maybe it breaks the immersion for some? It's unnatural so it breaks the rule of the game's world. What's your opinion? Everyone is welcome to join this discussion 🙂

While it's good for a laugh I think it should be fixed; or made to just crumble as soon as it pops out. It's doesn't fit into the games world because of the way it behaves and looks when it happens.

I agree, we'll fix that!