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Progressive rotation and sitting mode

I bought the game yesterday.
I start by saying that the game is very nice, just a few inaccuracies in the launch of "fireballs".
The impact is fantastic and seems to be a true wizard.
The magic system is very intuitive and works fine.
The mode of movement, mixed between "free full locomotion" and "teleport", is well done.

I would recommend the following additions to game options:
1. Add the "progressive" mode to the rotation speed options.
2. Add the "play to sitting" mode. With the ability to define the height of the avatar. In numbers or text: low (dwarf), medium (human) or high (magician or elf)

Hello Colossus, Many thanks for the positive feedback about The Wizards! We're happy to hear that you like so many aspects of the game.

I agree that both "progressive" rotation speed and height settings would be a great addition to the game. Please let me add it to our list of player's feedback and ideas. We try to review it regularly and gradually add some of these to the game.

Paweł Gajda


I thank you for the answer.
I think they are two very easy to implement but certainly impact on the overall usability of the game.
I stand by personal experience.
I play standing but my partner has nausea disorder. That's why she plays from sitting but is too low 😀
Instead my daughter thinks an additional rotation option is needed: LOW, NORMAL, FAST, PROGRESSIVE.
These are our tips!

Hah so we got feedback from the whole family! It's lovely! I updated your suggestions on our list.

All the best!