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Well, what else to talk about in a wizard game than spells ? 🙂

First - Observation:

What I would really like to be able to do, is to the set the skin for my favorite spells.

What I mean is, that usually these games all have a similar setup. You have your damage spells, protection spells, debuffs and so on.

At the moment I have the feeling the primary weapon to be the fireball. But what if I would rather see the lightning bolt, because I like it better ?

I love fire but I prefer to look at a thunderstorm.

This is pure customization of course.

Second - Spells in game

Now to the spells in the game:

As I said, I feel the fireball to be meant as primary weapon. With the 2 upgrades, it makes good damage and I can even hit the last enemy at the far end door in the ruins with it.

Lightning Bolt does less damage, it has the range of spoon and I need both hands to cast it.

Chain lightning might be nice, if the guys would have to stand so close to me. At that range the pyroblast can be cast faster and does more damage.

At least it feels like it. I cant see the actual numbers.

I only use it to shoot down the spellstealer. I think this spell has to be worked on.

The Frostbow. I use not often. One reason is, I have to grab the next arrow. Wenn I draw on a magic frostbow string I want a magic arrow to appear on it.

Im a wizard and not Robin Hood. 🙂

Brainstorming: What about fire arrows, earth arrows (armor piercing), air (knockback) ? Just some ideas

To make a real statement of course players would need to know the damage values you assigned to the spells. Then the players must each for himself see, how long it takes to cast a certain spell for him. Sometimes when I want to cast the arcane shards, the pyroblast comes up. This costs time = DPS.

The shard spell has useful functions I think.  Dont have it upgraded yet.

The pyroblast seems to do tons of damage and can be aimed quiet good at middle range I think.


Third - Some more ideas and comments

How about some usable items, like scrolls or potion.

How about a wall spell. Could also be done in all 4 elements. Firewall, Icewall etc.

Swords. Personally I like to have a sword handy. I play a LARP mage since 1997 and I have 2 magic swords.

Sometimes spells just dont "cut" it. Pun intended.

When I can make a bow out of water, does it not stand to reason that I can also make a sword.

Or infuse a carried weapon with an element.

Effects of combining spells. What happens to a hot object, which is suddenly cooled down ?

The "crumbling walls"

I find it a bit amusing how often I have to hit such a wall until it is gone.

I know you can pass it long before that, but Im a mighty wizard, I control the elements. When I direct my powers against a weak wall, I want it to explode, like with the canon ball. I had funny effects with those walls. With a pyroblast I often make one big hole in the middle and the wall gets completely thrown out and is then just lying on the ground.

Funny enough, if you are hit by such a cannon ball in in the ruins you just shrug it off 🙂

I know the hardest part is balancing all powers somehow. And in a motion tracked game you have the difficulty of actually casting the spell.

You can just hit 1 - 2 - 3 - 1 - 2 -3 and have your combo.

I know its early access, so dont take these things to serious. From what I have seen now, I like the game, I mean I have been playing the last 2 days and will play in a few hours again.

Funny observation:

Since there is no such thing as cold, only the absence of warmth, so an ice bolt must partially use control over the fire element.

Kind regards





During the course of the day, I had some more ideas.

I mentioned inventory briefly, with usable objects. Scrolls, potions and such.

What about outfitting.

For example

"The  Robe of eternal fire"

"The Bracers of Everfrost"


And as mentioned before, maybe magic weapon.

Only the hilt which than can become a two handed staff of <element> or a one handed sword of <element>

You get the picture


Maybe different races with merits/flaws or race builder with points.

I mean there are 3 profile slots, so there is plenty of room for different Wizards.

Maybe even a spell builder. Creating own formulas.


And of course a social meeting room, where you can meet fellow Wizards.

Like an Inn "The pointy hat "

Where you can discuss and test your newest spells.


I have so many ideas. Too much Im afraid to implement them all but I love wizards or mage characters.

Oh and one more thing, it might be nice to have an option, which leaves a faint trail of the gesture you are making.

Like it is shown in the tutorial.

Kind regards.