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Steam key giveaway!

There's a Steam key to win and there's a question:

What element powers the bow in The Wizards?

First to answer the question correctly will win a key!

I can't find a bow in any of your media or in articles I've read about The Wizards, but I'm pretty sure the fireball spell is "fire", a screenshot shows the shield spell is green so I think that's "earth" and even though it's also associated with rain I think the lightning spell is actually "air". So that leaves "water" and I read that you have an ice spell in the game so my guess is that the spell creates a bow with ice arrows so I think "water" powers the bow.

Correct! You gave a really impressive answer, great deduction! I'm sending you an e-mail with Steam key for The Wizards.

Cool, thanks! 😀 I was going to say I probably won't be able to play it until Tuesday as I've got parts for a DIY Vive strap coming (since the Deluxe Audio Strap sold out instantly and the default strap is hard for me to put on and not very good) but then I read in the email that it won't be activated until it's released anyway, lol! Do you know roughly when the game will be released?

The game will be released in July. We'll share some details soon 🙂

Not too long to wait then. Looking forward to it!