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Shards in the ruins

You have 3 Stages where you just stand in one place and have to hold off the monster invasion.

You cant move anywhere.

But at the end it says 0/3 shards found.

How can I look for shards, if Im stuck?

Kind Regards


Hey Darakin,


Thanks for your message and reporting this issue.


There are clearly no shards to collect on the wave-based stages in the Ruins. We are aware of this confusion, but there's one reason why we've not spent more time fixing this stuff. With the full release of The Wizards (which is scheduled for March 8th) we will move these wave-based stages to the Arena Mode and replace them with fully fledged exploration-based stages. This way the problem will solve itself since these new stages will have shards to collect.


Thank you for buying our game, we hope that you enjoy it. Please let us know if there's anything we could help with or if you have some ideas to share!


Paweł Gajda



Hello and thx for the quick reply.

I was not really aware, that it is not a full release yet, because there was a discount on steam and I thought this is only done with older games.

This explains some things.


Considering ideas:

In time (I mean future upgrades) you might want consider to be able to specialize in an element. The spells all seem to be elemental based.

I dont know if you plan any further classes, like nethermancers, priests and the like.

Telekinesis could also be a more active role. Like hurling objects or catching projectiles fired at you.

Just a thought.

Kind regards.


Thank you for these suggestions. While we're not planning on adding different playstyles or classes at this time, but the full release will feature some extended functionalities to all spells. Your idea for telekinesis is really interesting, i wish we had the time to experiment with it - but who knows what some distant future patches will bring? 🙂